Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cleaning and Purging...

Here are a bunch of treasures that I'm parting with...I know they'll go to much happier homes where they'll be used and loved.  I collected wool for a while, I was going to dye and hook and there just isn't enough time, I need to use my time doing what I love...so hopefully someone will love this wool.  I'm not sure if all the pieces are 100% wool, but I do know that they are all at least 80% wool...I would never buy a blend with less than 80%...so it will still felt up nicely if you're using it to hook or applique.  Here we go...

#1     1/2 yard (18"X58")  dark red plaid  $8 SOLD

#2     1/2 yard (18"X58") dark orange plaid  $8SOLD

#3     1/2 yard (fat 1/2- 30"X36") dark blue plaid  $8SOLD

#4     1 yard(36"X58-60") Neutral plaid  $16

#5     1 yard(36"X58-60") Brown, Blue and Black plaid  $15

#6     1 yard(36"X58-60") Green background with blue, red, dark green and black plaid  $15

 #7     1 yard(36"X58-60") Dark Grey plaid with a bit of blue(much darker than it looks in this pic)  $16

#8    1 yard(36"X58-60")  Red, orange, green, tan plaid  $15

#9     1 yard(36"X58-60") Goldy,rusty texture $15

#10     1 yard(36"X58-60") Neutral subtle plaid  $15

#11 1 yard(36"X58-60") Neutral plaid with beautiful texture $16SOLD

I'll do another post in a bit with some oldie MODA fat quarter bundles...now for the little details...Prices do NOT include shipping.  I will ship USPS Priority or Flat Rate...whichever is cheaper.  E-mail me at brownquilts@gmail.com with your address if you're interested and I'll let you know what the shipping will be.  Checks, money orders, or PayPal are fine...so whatever works best for you. Have FUN!

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