Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Since I got my sewing room ready for the kids to come I've been thinking that I really needed to get busy and do some real cleaning and reorganizing....so I did a bit yesterday...and I found some treasures that need a new home...a home where they'll be loved.  I loved them when I got them, but for some reason the projects just never got done and I don't see any hope of them getting done now...so take a look and see if there's anything you can use....

Chocolat plaids and twill...30 fat quarters...$37  SOLD

Collection for a Cause-Faith-Jelly Roll...$15 SOLD

Collection for a Cause-Alliance...at least 35 fat quarters...$45  SOLD

Wild Rose by Blackbird Designs Layer Cake...$15  SOLD

LaPetite Ecole by French General Layer Cake...$15  SOLD

Collection for a Cause-Faith Layer Cake...$15  SOLD

Say it With Flowers by Brannock and Patek...17 fat quarters... $17  SOLD

Civil War Anthem plaids by Brackman & Thompson...14 fat quarters...$17.50  SOLD

Volume 4...in perfect condition...$8

Volume 1...in perfect condition...$8
I'll do another post as soon as I reorganize a bit more...now for the little details...Prices do NOT include shipping.  I will ship USPS Priority or Flat Rate...whichever is cheaper.  E-mail me at brownquilts@gmail.com with your address if you're interested and I'll let you know what the shipping will be.  Checks, money orders, or PayPal are fine...so whatever works best for you. Have FUN!


  1. Please hold for me all things plaid! Karen is on the hunt for them! Can you call her to take a look!

  2. oh I wish I would have known I would have jumped at having that fat quarter bundle! let me know if you have any more of those collection for a cause bundles thanks!

  3. Carol - I would IMMEDIATELY buy the Chocolat from you - PLEASE !! I'll wait to hear from you

  4. I would like:
    Say It With Flowers
    Civil War Anthem
    Wild Rose layer cake
    Collections Faith both the jelly roll and the layer cake
    Would take the Chocolate Plaids and twills but I see you have a request for it already.

    You have the best stash!

  5. I would like the laPetite if not already taken. Please email me at gauen at mbc dot edu. Just remove the at and the dot to reply and replace with @ and period. I write it this way so I don't get spammed with emails.

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  7. Oh my gosh...I can't believe I did it again Carol, LOL. I stay away from the computer for a day and a half and miss out on some wonderful quilting treasures...especially that gorgeous Collection for a Cause FQB and Jelly roll. *sigh*. Ah well, it looks as though you made some super nice folks very happy, so I'm happy for them...well, pretty happy for them, LOL. By the way, I love the picture of Howie on the Ottoman. Your chair does indeed look comfy and a wonderful place to make your 'nest'. My grandson will be here from Maryland Friday for a week to see his best friend of 12 years (half his life) off to Marine Corps Basic training. I'm feeling rather like I'm seeing off one of my grandsons he spent so much time with us over the years. Anyway, I'll be away from the computer for a lot of the time while he is here so I was stopping by to say hello on your other blog and hopped over here. You've been in my thoughts and I didn't want to let the entire week he's here to go by without telling you that and that you are in my prayers as well. I'm so very happy that your holidays were so wonderful for you my sweet friend. After all, that is what they are all about...Joy...! Big Hugs and God Bless, talk to you in a week or so. :o)