Thursday, March 6, 2014

Cleaning, Straightening and Destashing

I've been busy in my stash room...or as my Hampton calls it "The Clubhouse"...I have some treasures that really need a new home and there is more to come.  I have more wool that needs to be relocated...I'll be back later this week to post more of that.  As you will see some of the items are priced with postage and that's because they fit into Medium Flat Rate boxes and really pretty much filled those boxes up...I can in most cases add charm packs to those boxes if you want those also.  I will combine to save on postage wherever I can.

Here we go...
 #1...Vintage Holiday by April Cornell and MODA...over 20 yards of fabric here including a large piece 1 2/3yds, a 3 yd piece, 50- 1/8 yd pieces, 24- 3" strips, 2- 3yd pieces of the same print, 2- 1/4 yd pieces, 14 pieces a little less than an 1/8 of a yard and some smaller random size pieces...
$65 postage included  SOLD

 #2 Vintage Reserve by Minnick & Simpson and MODA...over 5 yards of fabric including...40- 5" squares, 24- 5"x16" strips, 24- 4"x20" strips, 54- 5"x20" strips, a 1 yard piece and a 3/4 yard piece and some random size light pieces...
$27 postage included SOLD

#3 Japanese Taupes by Lecien over 15 yards of fabric... including 77  1/8 yd strips of lights, 60- 4"x20" strips of darks and 44-2 1/2"x WOF strips of reds...
$60 postage included  SOLD

#4 Mostly green, a little gold and a little brown overdyed wool... 12- approximately 6"x16" pieces and 12- 2"x16" pieces
$30 postage included. SOLD

#5 Fig Tree fabrics and Fig Tree "like" fabrics...a few Blackbird Designs and some blenders included.  Fig Tree fabrics fare from Cornucopia, Day in the Country, Folklorique and Simply Foundations lines in Tans, browns, greens, creams and apricots.  Medium flat rate box FULL...
$30 postage included.  SOLD

Now for the little details...Some prices do NOT include shipping.  I will ship USPS Priority or Flat Rate...whichever is cheaper.  E-mail me at with your address if you're interested and I'll let you know what the shipping will be.  Checks, money orders, or PayPal are whatever works best for you. Have FUN!


  1. Good for you destashing! I just wish I had some money to buy some of the goodies you're parting with. I hope they all sell for you! :0)

  2. Rats!!!! I am too late... I was waiting and watching, and of course the day I am not home, lol. I would have taken it all!

  3. Congrats on the sell out Carol...I will be watching for the wool...i'm just getting into those type of projects and have only 4 kits and NO stash of wool.